Micron Agritech Wins at National Startup Awards

Micron Agritech was announced as the gold winner in the Early Stage Startup category in the 2020 National Startup Awards. The prestigious award is sponsored by Microfinance Ireland and is hopefully a sign of great things to come for the Micron Agritech team.

The start-up, which is a TU Dublin spin-out was founded in 2019 by Jose Lopez, Tara McElligott, Sean Smith, and Daniel Izquierdo. The students-turned-entrepreneurs have expanded the team to a total of 8 employees and just recently announced the closing of their €500,000 seed round.

Speaking at the virtual award ceremony, the judges commented: “Micron Agritech won the Gold Early Stage Startup due to their strong understanding of problem solving and applying smart technology. They came up with a fascinating value proposition and an easy-to-use platform solution”.

Sean Smith, Co-founder said that Micron Agritech are “trying to make it easier and quicker for people to test their animals for worms to that they’ll actually reduce the amount of anthelmintics (anti-parasitic medication) that they are using”. The increase in testing will reduce the amount of medication that is given to animals, saving time and money for farmers.

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